Reliable, on-time & cost-effective

Fila Energy Services maintains a rapid delivery system, capable of trucking materials and supplies to any shale basin location at a moment’s notice.


Fila Energy Services emerged as a leader in trucking focused on the Bakken Shale, as well as the Eagle Ford Shale and Permian Basin in southern and western Texas.


Specializing in the delivery of proppants, pipe and water, Fila’s trucking fleet is on standby 24/7 with dispatchers ready around-the-clock. With hundreds of trucks in its network, Fila delivers materials with precision to and from drilling sites, storage facilities and railroad locations in Texas, Bakken and virtually any location in North America.


Safety is the number one priority at FILA Trucking. Our Safety First Program enforces and rewards every member of the FILA Trucking Team for safety performance. Safety shall take precedence over expediency or short cuts 100% of the time.


The safety of all our employees, the public and the operation of the company are our main concerns. Every effort is made to reduce the possibility of accidental occurrences.

FILA does comply with all safety regulations, laws and ordinances of the U.S Department of Transportation, OSHA and of the States in which we operate. We believe that safety is the responsibility of all levels of management, starting with the president.


FILA Corporate Management is committed to:


• Adhering to all safety rules and regulations.

• Providing a safe place to work for employees.

• Providing safety training and counseling.

• Eliminating unsafe acts through immediate corrective action.

• Insisting upon a commitment of safety from all personnel.


Every FILA employee is expected to accept our safety polices to the letter. In addition, each employee must demonstrate an attitude of responsibility for the execution of these polices in all operations under his/her direction or control. There must be no relaxation in the diligent observance of this responsibility.

Fila understands the fast-paced environment in today’s shale fields and the need for shipping that responds to our customers’ needs. Fila delivers trucking services with reliable, on-time and cost-effective solutions with efficiency and safety standards that will surpass our customers’ expectations

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