Efficiently Supporting America's Energy Industry with Supplies, Storage and Logistics Expertise

Fila Energy Services is dedicated to providing the North America energy industry with excellent service, storage and timely delivery of supplies, piping and oilfield drilling necessities. Utilizing rail, trucking and razor-sharp logistics. Fila  services oilfields from the Bakken to the Marcellus to the Eagle Ford Shale; and from Alaska to Colorado to Texas.


Setting the Standard for Safety

Fila complies with all safety regulations, laws and ordanances of the U.S. Department of Transportation, OSHA and States in which we operate. We believe that safety is the responcibility of all levels of management, starting with the president.

Safety is the number one priority at Fila Trucking. Our SAFETY FIRST program enforces and rewards every member of the Fila Trucking team for safety preformance. Safety shall take precedence over expediency or short cuts 100% of the time.

The safety of all our employees, The public and the operation of the company are our main concerns. Every effort is made to reduce the possibility of accidental occurrences:


1) It is recognized that on the job injuries and accidents are always costlyto the worker and can be disastrours to their future and to the future of their family.


2) safe job requires the combined efforts of all persons at all times. Each individual within Fila is an active "SAFETY FIRST PERSON".


3) Each and every employee is required to actively participate in the "Safety First Program". Each employee is required to attend our monthly safety meeting, submit suggestion and ideas, and follow the Safety First Program's rules & Regulations.

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